Reducing Water Waste

Water collected I collect the water from rinsing out my coffee pot after the coffee is brewed

I save the remaining water when I give my rabbit Walter fresh water

I add about a teaspoon of worm compost (castings) every 3 days and aerate the water to keep it from stagnating, and to keep the healthy microbes from the compost thriving.Water collected

This water is then used to water my indoor plants. When I have excessive amounts of water, I use it on the potted plants outside.

The water is constantly being replenished and used.

I estimate I add about 28 ounces (3 cups) of water per day! This is just over 68 gallons of water per year!

How do you conserve water? Post your ideas below!

For more information on Compost Tea check out this YouTube video. You canít help but see the joy in this man!

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